Nuclear science and engineering.

Central to the School’s mission is the training of future engineers with the knowledge and skills to go beyond the boundaries of traditional disciplines and find innovative solutions to new engineering problems. To reflect this focus, the School has established a new research-oriented teaching platform and redesigned the curricular offerings to ensure both breadth and depth of content as well as practical relevance. In the newly established Lab Center, students have both space and facilities to apply the knowledge learned, to develop and test the designs and prototypes and to explore new frontiers.

a. nuclear power plant safety analysis and severe accident research b. theory and experiment of multiphase flow and boiling c. two-phase natural circulation and flow instabilities and passive technology research d. multiphase flow numerical calculation and particle transport calculation e. radiation detection and application technology f. environmental radioactivity monitoring and assessment. Research on digital nuclear planth.  Micro flow and heat transfer.


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