Nuclear Science and Engineering

Nuclear Science and Technology is a comprehensive, highly diversified discipline, which combines physics, chemistry, energy, machinery, materials, control and management of a variety of disciplines, expertise and technology, and continue to promote the development of related disciplines.

It aims to cultivate talents with solid theoretical knowledge, broad disciplinary knowledge, and good ability of adaptability and dealing with emergency, to meet the needs in nuclear engineering field, nuclear science field, and nuclear technology applications.
During the 2.5 year Master degree program, students must carry out a research thesis in relation with one of the main research directions as follows:
a. nuclear power plant safety analysis and severe accident research b. theory and experiment of multiphase flow and boiling c. two-phase natural circulation and flow instabilities and passive technology research d. multiphase flow numerical calculation and particle transport calculation e. radiation detection and application technology f. environmental radioactivity monitoring and assessment. Research on digital nuclear planth.  Micro flow and heat transfer.


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