Nuclear science and engineering

It is one of the few earliest programs to cultivate Nuclear Science and technical talents. The program provides training in nuclear engineering and radiation science, nuclear technology applications and other cross-cutting areas of advanced technology and management. The main courses include: design and manufacture, mechanical and thermal radiation measurement and protection, nuclear reactor physics, nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics.


After Graduation

In the coming decades, China will vigorously develop nuclear power, nuclear science and technology. There is therefore a strong increase in the demand for graduates and the current employment supply and demand ratio is more than 1:40. There is a wide range of employment prospects, and the graduates’ average salary is the highest of all the programs in ME school. The majority of graduates work in the national research institutes, nuclear power supply enterprises, government departments and foreign-funded enterprises. Outstanding graduates continue their studies at MIT, UIUC, University of Tokyo and other world-renowned universities around the world.


  Education and Training








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