Reactor Structure & Material  


The section “Reactor Structure & Material” is mainly engaged in reactor material performance assessment, water chemistry, material corrosion, structural analysis and irradiation damage simulation. The section has established a experimental laboratory for nuclear material corrosion tests containing an autoclave for supercritical water conditions, several autoclaves for PWR conditions, two sets of water chemistry control loops, electro-chemical analysis and metallographic analysis equipments. The section is building a large multi-functional supercritical water corrosion test loop to meet the requirements of flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) for PWR main steam and water supply operation conditions and a stress corrosion experimental facility.


Director: Prof. L.F. Zhang

Members: Prof. R.S. Zhou, Dr. D.L. Rao


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Advanced Nuclear Systems and Safety

Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics

Reactor Physics

Reactor Structure & Material

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