Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics  


The section “Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics” is mainly engaged in thermal-hydraulics of advanced nuclear systems, nuclear safety systems, reactor core design and severe accidents. The research topics include: natural circulation and flow instability, basic phenomena in fuel-coolant interaction, supercritical fluid flow and heat transfer, single-phase and two-phase flow and heat transfer. The section has established a thermal-hydraulic experimental base with test facilities of different scales and functions, including supercritical water (SWAMUP) and supercritical Freon (SMOTH) test loops, pressure vessel external cooling (REPEC) test facility and passive containment cooling (MICARE) test facility.


Director: Prof. B. Kuang

Members: Prof. G.X. Liang, Dr. H.Y. Gu, Dr. S.F. Huang


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Advanced Nuclear Systems and Safety

Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics

Reactor Physics

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