Advanced Nuclear Systems and Safety  


The section “Advanced Nuclear Systems and Safety” is mainly engaged in the design and safety analysis, simulation and verification of advanced nuclear systems, nuclear safety systems and nuclear reactors. The research fields include the design and safety analysis of SCWR, PWR safety analysis, severe accident related phenomena and mitigation measures as well as thermal-hydraulics and safety issues of fusion reactors. The main ongoing research topics are hydrogen safety, passive safety systems of advanced water-cooled reactors, passive decay heat removal technology, full-scale nuclear power plant simulation, advanced instrumentation and control technology. The section has established a nuclear power simulation laboratory.


Director: Prof. Y.H. Yang

Members:  Dr. M. Lin, Dr. P.F. Liu, Dr. P. Hu


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Advanced Nuclear Systems and Safety

Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics

Reactor Physics

Reactor Structure & Material

Radiation Protection and Environment

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