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date: 2014-08-06

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The afternoon of April 16, 2014, by the nuclear institute graduate studentParty branch organized the teachers and students exchange and visit theundergraduate laboratory activities was held successfully, the main object of this meeting is to Institute of nuclear science and engineering a, two andthree of undergraduates. Dean Professor Wei Yuezhou nuclear Instituteattended the meeting, chaired by Wang Zidi of secretary of Party branch. At the beginning of the meeting, Wei teacher first welcome you the arrival ofundergraduates. Wei teacher then analyzed the domestic and internationalnuclear power industry development situation, pointed out that we should take the opportunity of the three anniversary of the Fukushima nuclearaccident, find themselves in the nuclear industry foothold, in order to realize the China self-reliance in nuclear technology, nuclear export paceaccelerate China efforts. At the same time, Wei teacher also encourage everyone to seriously study and professional knowledge, and lay a solid foundation in the undergraduate stage, for the later work study fully prepared. Subsequently, the conference into question link, the studentsraised their own questions, Wei teacher one one patiently answer, and take the initiative to ask the students in the life and learning difficulties, said the school will make every effort to help you learn and grow. The exchange will end, the students visited the College of nuclear laboratories, have praisedthe laboratory of advanced equipment and clean environment for scientific research. Some students even take the initiative to request, the hope can in the undergraduate stage to participate in some research projects tounderstand scientific research, participation in scientific research and the open field of vision. This activity let nuclear Institute characteristics and development situation of undergraduate students more in-depth understanding of the professional, school leaders and teachers for undergraduate students on professional characteristic and the employment situation, analysis of the current professional development direction for the classmates unriddling, prepares for the following undergraduate career development after graduation choice.

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