Nuclear Chemical Engineering Laboratory  


Nuclear Chemical Engineering Laboratory


Team Introduction:
        The nuclear chemical and radio-chemical team was founded in 2010 by Professor Yuezhou Wei, a “China 1000 talent expert”. It’s made up of 5 faculties and more than 20 master & doctor students from both domestic and abroad. We focus on solving the tricky and hot issues in the field of spent fuel reprocessing. Our main work includes development of advanced spent fuel reprocessing techniques, separation of MAs and LFPs, development of highly functional adsorbents, decontamination of radioactive waste water, development of efficient electrolytic devices, and research on radioactive nuclide drugs for medical use and so on.


Laboratories and Instruments:
        We own 4 laboratories for experiment use in all, with 3 located in the main campus and the other one located in Zhang jiang high-tech park of Shanghai. The labs are equipped with various sophisticated analytical instruments, including inductively coupled plasma spectrum instrument(ICP-ES), atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS), total organic carbon analyzer (TOC), Fourier transform infrared spectrometer(FIR), thermo gravimetric differential thermal analyzer(TG-DTA)ultraviolet spectrophotometer(UI), etc.


Ongoing Projects:
        We has undertaken many national /international projects in the nuclear chemical and radio-chemical field. The ongoing projects include “study on the separation of actinides using BTPs as complexing agent” a project founded by the national natural science foundation (NSF), and “Development and evaluation of highly multi-functional adsorbents and its absorbability for radio-contaminated waste water” a cooperation project founded by the national natural science foundation and Japan science and technology agency (NSF-JST).


Academic & Extracurricular Activities:
        We has held “The 1st /2nd China-Japan Academic Symposium on Nuclear Fuel Cycle” which has caused world-wide attention. And we invite leading experts in the nuclear chemistry and radio-chemistry field now and then to give lectures to the team members. We also have rich extracurricular activities such as playing badminton/basketball, going picnic and so on.



Director: Yuezhou Wei    Members: Long Zhao, Ruiqin Liu, Jianhua Zu, Yan Wu






Nuclear Chemical Engineering Laboratory





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