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Peter L. Andresen 博士学术报告通知

发布时间: 2014年11月02日

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报告人: Peter L. Andresen 博士



邀请人:张乐福   核科学与工程学院



主讲人简介:Peter Andresen


Dr. Andresen’s expertise is in the area of corrosion and environmental effects on mechanical properties and integrity of materials. His research has focused on corrosion and environmental fracture of iron- and nickel-base alloys under conditions of interest to the energy industries.


Dr. Andresen is the author of over 430 publications, holds twenty eight patents, has given hundreds of invited talks and written numerous chapters for books. He is a Fellow of the American Society for Metals and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers. He has received two Whitney Gallery of Achievers Awards and two Dushman Awards from GE, the Speller Award from NACE, and was selected as one of “50 Stars to Watch” by Industry Week in 1996. He was recognized with the Lee Xun Award in 2011 from the Institute for Metals Research in Shenyang, China.


He has served in many capacities in professional societies, including currently on the Board of Directors of NACE; Board of Editors for Corrosion Journal; Chairman of the NACE Research Committee; Chair of the NACE Awards Committee and the Advisory Panel for the Halden Test Reactor in Norway and the Idaho National Lab Science User Facility.


He has served on many expert panels for the nuclear industry related to degradation by corrosion and stress corrosion cracking of stainless steels and other structural materials, and on all four major international efforts on Proactive Materials Degradation. He serves on the organizing committee and as technical chair of the International Cooperative Group on Environmentally Assisted Cracking and the International Conferences on Environmental Degradation in Nuclear Power Systems – Water Reactors. He is a consultant / advisor to several national labs and universities, and has been on several DOE review panels, including a long term role on the highest level Consulting Board for Yucca Mountain Waste Disposal Project.

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